Flexible Training and Ongoing Support

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New Client Training Plan

We know every district and school is unique and has different needs and beliefs. That understanding is what drives us to make our products so flexible and easy to use. However, we also know that flexibility can sometimes be overwhelming, so we include a three-step training process for every new client to help you get started and encourage engagement by your teaching staff:

  • Step 1: Configuration Session
    BYOC experts will guide your team through a step-by-step process to configure the software to meet your needs. Typically done via an interactive web meeting, we will interview you, present examples and customize BYOC to meet your needs.
  • Step 2: Train the Trainer Session
    It’s helpful to have experts available when you roll out something new to staff. Via an interactive web meeting, we will train your in-house experts on the basics of using BYOC based on your unique goals.
  • Step 3: Onsite Training Session
    Based on your needs, we will customize a day of onsite training to help you roll out BYOC to your staff. This may include your entire staff or certain subsets based on your specific roll-out strategy. (Note: travel expenses are billed separately.)

Ongoing Support

Our team has a vested interest in your success using BYOC! Not only do we want you to realize the true value that curriculum can provide, but we recognize that districts talk to each other and we want you to say good things about us. With that in mind, we welcome your questions, no matter how small. BYOC membership includes unlimited access to our trained experts through phone or email. Contact us anytime—we are happy to help!

Professional Development Services

Using an award-winning curriculum development framework is great, but having the skills to make the best use of BYOC is essential to your success. BYOC has worked with one of our educational service agency partners to produce professional development modules for teachers and district leadership. These modules are focused beyond BYOC the tool; they focus on providing your district with the skills necessary to transition into a district where ALL initiatives can be implemented from a thoughtful curriculum foundation.

These easy-to-follow modules are available in a variety of delivery methods:

  • Online Only
    All training modules are available online for your entire staff, whenever you need them, with a one-time purchase of $1,000 per district.
  • Hybrid
    All modules are available online for your entire staff with a one-time purchase, plus 2 hours of remote supplemental training sold on a per-module basis. Initial purchase of modules is $1,000, remote supplemental training is $600 per module per training cohort.
  • Onsite
    All modules are available online with a one-time purchase of $1,000, plus a customized onsite training experience typically targeted at 2-3 modules per day of training. Please contact us for a custom proposal based on your needs and the available training resources in your area.

The following professional development modules are available for your curriculum leaders and teaching staff:

  • Leader Modules

    • Module 1 - Planning for Implementation (20 min.)
    • Module 2 - Curriculum Concepts and Curriculum Development in BYOC (35 min.)
    • Module 3 - Managing the Process—Building a Curriculum Culture (20 min.)

    Teacher Modules

    • Module 1 - Desired Results Aligning to Standards and Learning Targets Utilizing BYOC (20 min.)
    • Module 2 - Enduring Understandings and Essential Questions Utilizing BYOC (15 min.)
    • Module 3 - Assessment Literacy Utilizing BYOC (15 min.)
    • Module 4 - Building and Implementing Quality Assessments in BYOC and BYOC+ (30 min.)
    • Module 5 - High Yield Instructional Strategies Utilizing BYOC (40 min.)
    • Module 6 - Accessing and Utilizing Data Within BYOC (20 min.)

Download an overview of our professional development services.

Custom Curriculum and Assessment Consulting

BYOC is working diligently with educational service agencies—and other organizations across the country—to provide a network of highly qualified partners to assist you. We fully recognize that every school’s needs are unique and that schools have differing levels of support expertise in house. If you need additional help, please contact us and we’ll connect you with a qualified resource to help you move forward.